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5 Benefits from Working From Home

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5 Benefits from Working From Home

Some dream of it, others live it, but the idea of working from home leaves no one indifferent. This is particularly observed from the fact that working from home is becoming increasingly popular among people of professions which allow such work. Therefore, let’s take some time to look at all the advantages and perks of living and working in the same place.

1. People
If you are not a people-person, or you are just a slightly introverted person, maybe you would want to avoid working in an office with a lot of different colleagues that would demand your attention during the lunch and coffee breaks, before and after work. Some people work better when they are on their own, and working from home gives you the opportunity to work in peace and avoid dealing with annoying colleagues and clients in

2. Family
If you choose to work from your home, chances are you will get more time to spend with your family. On some days you will finish work sooner and then you will be able to devote that precious time to members of your family and people who are close to you instead of having to commute back and forth from home to work and spend precious time being helplessly stuck in traffic jams, which leads us to the following point .

Father And Baby In Dining Room With Laptop

3. Traffic
People spend a lot of money commuting to and from work, paying gas and tickets. More importantly it is highly time-consuming and forces you to waste a couple of hours each day being stuck in traffic and waiting to arrive to work or come back home. People who work from home know not of such problems.

When you finish work you don’t have to wait to come home, and the same goes for arriving to work. You cannot be late, you will never get stuck in traffic or rush to come to work, everything will be more relaxed and go at a slower pace, which will make you feel at ease and relaxed.

4. Illness
Besides being spared from having to deal with annoying people, working from home will also spare you of unnecessary infections, germs and viruses, which are spread among people in the office or in public transportation. Your health will definitely benefit if you choose to work from home.


5. Relaxed surroundings
Being at home will also make your workplace a more familiar and relaxed place. You will not have to worry what you are going to wear to work today and where you will have lunch and what you will order for lunch, as all of these things will the same as your normal daily routine at home.
All in all, there are many reasons why you should choose to stay at home and work from your home.

Make sure not to miss out on such an amazing opportunity if you are ever presented with it. You will most certainly not regret making the decision to work from home.



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Start your own painting and decorating business from home

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Start your own painting and decorating business from home

Starting a business of one’s own is a dream of many. The freedom it gives as opposed to working a regular 9 to 5 shift is something that lures many people into setting one up. Moreover, if your passion is in the field of painting and decoration, you can actually start doing something you enjoy and make a living at the same time.
Setting up Your Business Plan
The first thing you should consider doing is setting up your business plan. Don’t let this scare you as it is easier than what you think. Your business plan is a small compendium that should include an overview of your company (mission, vision, and goals), financial projections (expenses, expected sales, net profit, etc.) and the way you will achieve those goals which is the marketing plan (promotion, price strategy, target market, etc.)
Along with your business plan, you should acquire the needed experience or hire people who have worked and have had successful results in the painting and decorating industry. Even if you hire professionals in this field, you should get acquainted with the basics so as to not be behind modern trends.

painting business work from home
Setting Up Your Company
Browsing the internet in search of your city’s chamber of commerce or the equivalent will allow you to know the requirements needed to set up a business in your hometown. You can think about setting an online business or even if you set it to be offline, using the internet to promote it is a must these days.
Purchasing an Insurance
Legal liabilities can become very expensive if your business isn’t adequately insured. To avoid this in the future, you should call various insurance companies and ask for quotes. There are some risk associated with having a painting decorating business including using toxic chemicals in a painting that may result in a health condition to a person. Insurance limits your liability in case this happens.
Seek Financing
If you need money to start your business, the first step would be to ask family and friends to give you a loan. If this is not enough, visiting different banks and applying for credit can be an option as well. You can look for a partner to invest in your business too. This will lower your risk.
Buying the Necessary Equipment
In order to start your painting and decorating business you will need at least what is essential to run your business. This includes paint brushes, rollers, trays, a sketch pad, the paint itself, a ladder, take, etc. Have in mind that you will have to take the paintings to your clients’ homes which means you may also need a van to transport the item to its destination.
Promote Your Business
Nowadays, marketing your business on social media and paid online advertisement is convenient. Don’t forget to have business cards at hand and brochures to give to potential customers. If you offer great products, you will benefit from the most powerful marketing method there is: word of mouth. This is because your current customers will be more than glad to recommend your painting and decorating services to their friends.
If you have the knowledge based on your own DIY experience, and are looking for a low cost business to start from home, this could be the business for you. It is not even necessary to buy a business vehicle at the outset, your family car is ok for getting started. Just invest in a roof rack to carry ladders and steps, the rest will fit in the car.
You will soon find that you are getting referrals for jobs well done.

One top tip is to walk up and down each street when you are working on a house, and drop cards or leaflets into the neighbours houses. This nearly always gets the phone ringing.

Check out the video below for some great ideas that can help you to get started with your own home based painting and decorating business.

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There are tax benefits to working from home

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There are tax benefits to working from home

So What are the tax benefits?

In addition to other benefits that working from home will give you, the government will also help out, with a bit of help on your part. Since you are essentially accountable for yourself while working from home, you will need to keep up with all of your expenses so that you can get certain tax deductions.

Think about your home as an office and you could benefit from a home office deduction. Depending on your situation, working from home may be more cost beneficial to your employer rather than them paying for your travel expenses. If you have an office in your home that you use often and regularly as your work office space, then a home office deduction could be for you. This could also include a room where you see customers, patients, or clients, as long as it is in your primary residence.

If you do have to leave your house for work on the occasion, keep track of mileage and travel expenses included food and gas. Using your personal car for work-related travel is definitely a deduction, but not if your employer reimburses you for your expenses, like gas and oil changes.

This video gives you some idea of how it works.

Keep good records and all receipts. You cannot expect to get a tax break for something that you can’t prove, so always keep good records. These records could be in the form of gas and food receipts or your phone and internet bills (if you are working from your home office). Consider printing off your credit card and bank statements to use as records as well. Try not to use cash too much, those receipts must have the date of payment, your name, the amount, and what you purchased.

It is always a good idea to use a good accounting software, such as Sage or Quickbooks, but there are many free alternatives online. As a minimum, keep a spreadsheet that tracks everything you spend and earn, so that you can send this to your accountant at the end of the year.

While we are on the subject of accountants, my opionion is to always use an accountant. They cost money for sure, but in my opinion they always save you way more than they cost. Always ask for the charges up front. There is software that you can use for this too, but my advice is to take the figures from your accountant, plug them into your tax software, and if there are any additional savings that show up, give that info to your accountant so that he can add them into the mix.

flexible working from home
Do not forget that there is a limit as to how many deductions can be made annually. You must itemize your deductions in order to deduct un-reimbursed expenses from your employer and when doing so, only two percent of your adjusted gross income will be able to be deducted.

This list does not exclude those who are self-employed! Although the rules may change a little bit, most of these deductions can also be made by those self-employed. If you fall into this category, you must remember to keep strenuous records as well, like receipts. If you make more than $400 annually, you will need to pay certain self-employment taxes as well as your income tax, so keep that in mind.

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Some advantages of working from home

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Some advantages of working from home

So most of us have dreamed of having a job where we can stay at home and try to keep a normal life, all for different reasons. You may have a family and working from home will help you to better be able to take care of your family. Maybe you don’t like having to commute to work or get dressed up and meet with people all day. Whatever your personal reasons may be, there are definitely some significant benefits when you are able to work from home.

So if you are earth-conscientious, you may be thinking that working from home is very environmentally friendly. Without that long commute, you are saving the environment from harmful exhaust fumes. Speaking of missing that long haul of a commute, what about saving money from gas? Gas can be a big expense, so by staying at home to work, you are actually saving money and time! Consider how many minutes a day you spend driving to and from work. Now think of it in hours a week. Those numbers add up quickly and it almost seems like wasted time.

I have found also that as a family we only have a need for 1 car. We can easily work our schedules around school runs and business meetings. Just think how much is saved by not having to purchase and run a second car.ku-xlarge

More family time is also a big benefit. Even if it is only you and your other half, being gone for, on average, nine hours a day can put some strain on a relationship. If you have small children, that is a whole other ball game. Getting home from a long day of work and needing to take Cindy to ballet and Josh to baseball practice plus figuring out dinner can make for an even longer and harder day, for everyone. Being able to work from home allows for a better work/home balance and which usually helps everyone involved.

Let us discuss stress. The workplace can be a very stressful environment, not that your home can’t be one. Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to leave that all that stress at the office and not bring it home with you. When you are working at home, and often that means alone, you are able to better control the environment that you are in and the stress level. Included in the stress level, is the environment as a whole. Are you normally cold in the office? Distracted by the loud noises? All of this you can control when working from home and, in the grand scheme of things, it will make you a more productive and happy employee.

One of the things I do miss though is the cameraderie, the banter, making new friends at work, but the flipside of that is not having to deal with the office politics, the ego’s, and the often not very nice people. Skype has helped to make the work at home person feel more connected, less isolated, and breakfast groups and meet ups compensate for the lack of a social aspect to working from home.

On balance, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I like this video, some excellent up to date advice to take away…..

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Top work from home ideas

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Top work from home ideas

So you know you want to work from home, but how do you distinguish real online jobs from all the gimmicks? The simplest way is to use an online search engine and search the name of the company or site. If someone has been scammed, they are sure to alert others about it. There are lots of options for working from home and many of them cover different skills.

Selling a product through a company has been a work from home job for a long time, ever heard of Mary Kay? No longer do you need to go door to door and solicit sales, thank you internet. Now with social media, getting a sale has never been easier. Just get a friend or two to purchase something from you and ask them to ‘share’ their experience and review the product with their ‘friends’ on different social media platforms and you have already reached more people than ever before. This can also become a very lucrative job long-term if you get others to sell as well.

Sell homemade items on websites like Etsy. If you enjoy making your own jewellery, signs, etc., this may be for you! Keep in mind shipping costs when you determine how much you are selling an item for. This particular work from home job is one that isn’t easily controlled by you, unlike many of the other options listed here. Many people make a living from ebay and amazon. Did you know that you can sell used products, such as mobile phones on Amazon? There is great money to be made here, and there are several online courses that teach you how. More on that in a later blog.

home office layout

Your New Home Office

Write as a freelancer, if you enjoy writing and will be able to meet deadlines. There are some very popular websites that will let you create a profile and bid on jobs to write. Once you get in with a company, it can be a pretty well-paying job. Check out websites such as or Their writers are supplying the endless need for online content, writing about every subject imaginable by following the instructions from the customer. If you can write, you can make money here.

Taking online surveys can pay a lot or a little depending on how long the survey takes. Different sites will pay you in different ways too. Some may pay “cash” through a third party company like Paypal, while others may pay you in the form of gift cards. The survey could be of a product that they sent you a free sample of, an opinion poll, or about your personal habits like where you like to shop. If you are doing this for a little extra money one site may be enough, but if you are thinking full time, sign up for multiple sites.

If you are used to working in an office environment, why not consider being a virtual assistant,  or va? There is a growing need for VA’s, and your customer base is worldwide, limited only by the languages you have in common. I will write a blog about this in the future, but do a search and find out if this can work for you.

Watch this quick video for some ideas that may just work for you….

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